Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads

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15 Apr 2008
9789282101209 (PDF) ;9789282101582(print)

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Long-life surfaces could substantially cut the costs of road works, including the delays they cause, especially on congested routes with heavy traffic. These surfaces use new materials that cost more than conventional asphalt and require special handling. This report presents the results of collaborative research to evaluate the technical and economic potential of the most promising long-life surfaces (epoxy asphalt and high performance cementitious materials)  and assist governments in weighing up the risks and advantages of introducing them on busy roads
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Table of Contents

Key Messages
Executive Summary
1. Background Report
2. Key Findings of Phase I Study
3. Mandate, Scope, and Organisation of the Work
4. Epoxy Asphalt: Testing and Test Results
5. High Performance Cementitious Material: Testing and Test Results
6. Performance Assessment and Extrapolation of Results
7. Future Research and testing
8. Construction issues, Economic Aspects and Risk Assessment
9. Phase III Trials
10. Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix A
-A1. Laboratory and Field Performance Histories of United States and New Zealand Reference Materials
-A2. Manufacturers' Recommendations for Acid-Cured Epoxy Asphalts
-A3. Methods for Evaluating Curing Characteristics
-A4. Binder Rheological Properties at Difference Ageing Conditions
-A5. Mixture Properties
Appendix B. General Long-Term Needs in Pavement Research
Appendix C. Laboratory Test Reports Published on the Joint Transport Research Centre Website
Annex A. List of Abbreviations
Annex B. List of Working Group Members

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