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European Conference of Ministers of Transport

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This group of publications presents the proceedings of the periodic European Conference of Ministers of Transport / International Transport Forum Symposia on Theory and Practice in Transport Economics, first held in 1964 and which have addressed a variety of transport issues. The first four volumes were published in single trilingual (French, English, German) volumes,  and the succeeding volumes were published separately in English and French.

Also available in French
Key Issues for Transport beyond 2000

Key Issues for Transport beyond 2000

15th International Symposium on Theory and Practice in Transport Economics, Tessaloniki, Greece, 7th - 9th June 2000 You do not have access to this content

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07 June 2002
9789282112823 (PDF) ;9789282113608(print)

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 A clear dichotomy exists between an European economy centred on international trade and the environmental damage to which this focus gives rise. There is a need for a  novel  approach  based on a shift away from the goal of ever-faster travel and ever-greater time savings, and the adoption of  a different concept of accessibility. Will the 2000s see the emergence of  a new way of thinking?

These and other topical issues were the subject of the ECMT’s 15th International Symposium. Are we likely to see a decoupling of economic growth from transport growth?  In designing future transport systems, will the pendulum swing away from the criterion of efficiency towards greater concern for equity and the environment ?

This book reproduces the 17 introductory reports presented at the Symposium, together with a summary of the discussions on the three main topics: scenarios and forecasts; transforming structures and trends in technology; peripherality and pan-European integration.  It highlights the key ideas  to emerge from the final Round Table on "Efficiency,  Equity and the Environment in  Transport:  Experience and  Prospects", reviews the issues facing the transport sector in the coming  years and sets out policy recommendations for meeting the challenges of the 2000s.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Opening Session
-Address by Jaromir Schilling
-Address by G. Maniatis representing C. Verelis
-Address by M. Schmid: Future Requirements in Transport Policy from the Austrian Point of View
-Address by Mr. G. Aurbach
-Address by M. Papadopoulos
-Address by V. Papageorgopoulos
-Address by G. Pashalidis
Introductory Reports
Topic 1. Scenarios, Forecasts, and Data Collection: Experience and Prospects
--Pan-European Border Crossing Transport by D. Bjornland
--European Inland Freight Transport Scenarios for 2020 and Some Related Policy Implications by G. A. Gionnopoulos
--Constructing a Reference Scenario for Europe by C. Reynaud
--Views of Forecasts, Traffic Flows, and Infrastructure Needs in Hungary by I. Helcz
--The State of Empirical Research into Mobility and Outlook by Werner Brog
--Future Transport and Travel Data Needs: A Practitioners Perspective by t. Van Der Hoorn
-Topic 2. Transforming Economic and Institutional Structures and Trends in Technology: Experience and Prospects
--Decoupling Transport Intensity from Economic Growth by H.Baum
--Transformation of the Economic and Institutional Structures of Transport as a Result of the Further Enlargement of the European Union: Survey - Outlook by J. Burnewicz
--The Competitiveness of Intermodal Freight Transport Networks in Europe by M. Beuthe, B. Jourquin, and J. Charlier
--A New Approach to the Management of Roads: A Vision for the 21st Century by N. Burzelius
--Technology Policies for a Better Transport System in Europe by H. J. Van Zuylen
-Topic 3. Peripherality and Pan-European Integration: Experience and Prospects
--Accessibility and Regional Development: Transeuropean Networks and Peripheral Regions: The Case of Greece by A. Argyris and s. Kostopoulou
--Community Aid for the Construction of Transport Infrastructure in Spain: Impact and Perspectives by J-M Menendez
--European Integration: The Situation of EU Candidate Countries by M. Herry
--Peripherality and Pan-European Integration: The Case of the CEECs by W. Suchorzewski
--Peripherality and Pan-European Integration: The Development of Transport in the PHARE Countries by P. Hilferink
--Peripherality and Pan-European Integration: The Case of the Czech Republic by F. Hep
-Summary of Discussions by Caralambo Focas

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