Inland Waterways and Environmental Protection

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10 Aug 2006
9789282113479 (PDF) ;9789282113462(print)

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This report reviews experience in mitigating the environmental impacts of inland waterway development. It examines effective consultation and planning procedures across Europe. In particular it assesses the ways in which the EU Water Framework Directive affects the planning environment for international waterways and sets a new agenda for improving the ecological value of waterways. The report makes recommendations on good practice and identifies the Danube river basin as the critical area for improvement.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
-Background and Objectives
-Institutional Context
-Approach and Methodology
-Scope of Work
-Results of the Study
Chapter 2. Environmental Assessment Procedures
-The EIA Directive and IWT Projects
-IWT, EIA, and the EU Birds and Habitats Directives
-Water Framework Directive
-UNECE Conventions and Related Instruments
Chapter 3. Practice and Experience in Selected Countries
-Responses to the Questionnaire
Chapter 4. Lessons Learned
-Environmental Issues
-Legislation and Procedures
-Public Consultation and Participation
-Transboundary Impacts
-Key Issues
Chapter 5. Outstanding Issues
-Integrated European IWT Vision, Policy, Strategy and Planning
-Legislation and Procedures
-Public Consultation and Participation
-Other Issues

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