Improving Transport Accessibility for All

Improving Transport Accessibility for All

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11 May 2006
9789282101407 (PDF) ;9789282101391(print)

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Much has been done to improve the accessibility of transport systems in recent years. The ECMT has prepared this Guide to Good Practice in order to facilitate such an exchange of experience. It addresses both countries where improvements to accessibility are under way, and those that are just now making that commitment.

With examples from recent experience in a wide range of countries, this Guide updates the ECMT’s 1999 Guide, pointing to areas where progress has been made as well as to those where challenges persist.  In particular, it covers principles for provision of information generally, how to improve information regarding the road and pedestrian environment, how to improve information provided within transport infrastructure, how to improve information provided relative to transport vehicles, new and innovative transport services, and private cars, and the roles of government.

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Table of Contents

Foreword from the ECMT President
1. Information to Improve Transport Accessibility
-Overall Information
-Information at Stations and Stops
-Hearing Information
-Accuracy and Timeliness
-General Information
-Multi-Modal Journeys
2. The Road and Pedestrian Environment
-Footpaths and Walkways
-Junctions and Road Crossings
-Pedestrianised Areas
-Roadworks: Holes and How to Avoid Them
-Tactile Surfaces
-Car Parking
-Longer Road Journeys
3. Infrastructure
-Getting into the Building
-Moving within Buildings
-Boarding Vehicles
4. Vehicles
-Buses and Coaches
-Trams and Light Rail
-Heavy Rail
-Ferries and Ships
-Cable Cars and Funiculars
5. New and Innovative Transport Services
-Demand-Responsive Individual Transport
-Demand Responsive Shared Transport
-Community Transport and Shared Transport Services
-Variations on a Theme
-Other Innovative Services
6. Private Cars
-Advise and Guidance
-Travelling and Arriving
7. The Roles of Government
-National Government
-Public Procurement
-Local and Regional Government
-Seamless Travel
-Raising Awareness
Annex 1. Members of the ECMT Working Group on Access and Inclusion
Annex 2. Conclusions and Recommendations of the ECMT-UITP on Improving Access to Public Transport
Annex 3. Consolidated Resolution No. 2001/3 on Accesible Transport
Annex 4. Charter on Access to Transport Services and Infrastructure
References and Further Reading

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