17th International ITF/OECD Symposium on Transport Economics and Policy: Benefiting from Globalisation

17th International ITF/OECD Symposium on Transport Economics and Policy: Benefiting from Globalisation

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03 Oct 2008
9789282101780 (PDF) ;9789282101681(print)

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The opportunities for individuals and businesses to benefit from globalisation are increased by efficient, cost-effective transport networks. A competitive, responsive, well-organised transport sector facilitates trade, but creating the conditions for this poses policy challenges that must be tackled if transport is to contribute fully to globalisation. This was the main theme of the 17th ITF/OECD Symposium.

These conference proceedings contain summaries of the opening session ceremonies and discussions and the full text of the 16 papers presented as introductory reports for the discussions.  The reports cover such fields as data and trends, globalisation and transport sector development, transport policy and regional integration, trade and infrastructure, and international transport and domestic policy.

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Table of Contents

Opening Session
Introductory Reports
Topic I. Data and Trends
-Global Trends in Trade and Transportation by David Hummels
-Transport Time as a Trade Barrier by Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas
-International Transport Infrastructure Trends and Plans by Werner Rothengatter
Topic II. Globalisation and Transport Sector Development
-Market Structure in Transport and Distribuiton Services, Goods Trade, and the Effects of Liberaliation by Joseph Francois and Ian Wooton
-Emerging Global Logistics Networks: Some Consequences for Transport System Analysis and Design by Lori Tavasszy, B. Gorrthedde and C. J. Ruijgork
Topic III. Transport Policy and Regional Innovation
-Trade in Transport Services in the NAFTA Region: A Free Trade Area? by Mary Brooks
-State-Owned Enterprises: A Challenge to Regional Integration by Deuden Nikomborirak
-Impact of Cross-Border Infrastructure on Trade and Investment in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region by Manabu Fujimura and Christopher Edmonds
-The Mediterranean Region by Pablo Vazquez
Topic IV. Trade and Infrastructure
-Globalisation and Infrastructure Needs by Panicos Demetriades
-Road Infrastructure in Europe and Central Asia: Does Network Quality Affect Trade? by Ben Shepherd and John S. Wilson
-Dynamic Ports within a Globalised World by Hilde Meersman and Eddy Van De Voorde
-Airports and International Economic Integration by Ken Button
Topic V. International Transport and Domestic Policy
-Financing Future Gorwth in Infrastructure Needs by Alain Bonnafous
-Competition Policy in International Airline Markets: An Agenda and Proposed Solution by David Round and Christopher C. Findlay
-Terrorism and Travel to the United States by Thierry Verdier and Daniel Mirza
Summary of Discussions

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