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Expanding Airport Capacity in Large Urban Areas Click to Access:
This report reviews international experience in reconciling planning and environmental constraints with demand for airport capacity and the potential benefits in terms of productivity and growth from developing international airline services.
Measuring and Valuing Convenience and Service Quality Click to Access:
Origin-destination demand, trip patterns, pricing and transport networks alone cannot explain passenger demand for public transport modes. Other factors of convenience and service quality play a key role in influencing demand and mode choice but they are often more complex and harder to define,...


Highlights of the International Transport Forum 2013 Click to Access:
Demand for mobility around the globe is growing rapidly. Motorisation in emerging economies continues at breath-taking pace, with the number of motor vehicles on the world’s streets rising, according to some estimates, from just over 1 billion today ...
On the Value of Crowding in Public Tansport for Ile-de-France Click to Access:
Since the mid 90’s, public transport patronage in Île-de-France (the Paris region) has increased substantially: over the last decade alone a 20% growth was observed. This growth, even though it was an aim of the Sustainable Urban Mobility plan adopted in 2000, was not completely anticipated....

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The volume of global transport could double or even quadruple by 2050 and for the industrialised OECD area, surface passenger travel (measured in vehicle-kilometres) is projected to grow by 50-60%.