Trade in Services: Negotiating Issues and Approaches

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04 Sep 2001
9789264194960 (PDF) ;9789264195226(print)

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The services sector plays a vital infrastructure role in national economies, employs more people than other sectors, and is the most dynamic sector of world trade. New negotiations under the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services, which began in January 2000, offer an important opportunity to reap the benefits of greater openness in services markets worldwide. The papers in this volume, produced as part of the OECD Trade Directorate's services project, explore fundamental issues for the services negotiations: what are the barriers to trade in services? How can those barriers be addressed in negotiations to ensure meaningful results? How can services liberalisation be bolstered and underpinned by improved regulatory transparency? Ranging from the incidence and impact of economic needs tests, through quantitative and qualitative formulas for reducing the barriers to trade in services, to possible disciplines affording interested parties the opportunity to comment before regulations are enacted, this volume identifies and analyses innovative solutions to the challenges facing services negotiators.

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Table of Contents

-Chapter 1. Consolidated List of Cross-Sectoral and Sector-Specific Barriers by Rachel Thompson and Julia Nelson
-Chapter 2. The Scheduling of Economic Needs Tests in the GATS: An Overview by Rosemary Morris
-Chapter 3. Cross-Cutting ("Formula") Approaches to Multilateral Services Negotiations by Rachel Thompson
-Chapter 4. Using "Cluster" Approaches to Specific Commitments for Interdependent Services by Julia Nelson, Carole Pellegrino, Rosemary Morris and Rachel Thompson
-Chapter 5. Strengthening Regulatory Transparency: Insights for the GATS from the Regulatory Reform Country Reviews by Rachel Thompson and Keiya Iida
-Chapter 6. Transparency in Domestic Regulation: Prior Consultation by Keiya Iida and Julia Nielson

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