Trade and Migration

Trade and Migration

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OECD, The World Bank, IOM
27 July 2004
9789264016408 (PDF) ;9789264016385(print)

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Building on a recent groundbreaking OECD/IOM/World Bank seminar which brought together over 300 trade and migration officials, this book examines the main issues in the current debate on trade and migration as they relate to mode 4 and the current WTO services negotiations.  It also explores possible ways forward for building greater understanding between the trade and migration policy communities on this important and timely issue, and seeks ways to unleash the potential of the temporary movement of service suppliers to bring significant gains to developed and developing countries alike.
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Table of Contents

Part I. Trade and Migration: Report of the Seminar by Massimo Geloso Grosso and Daria Taglioni
-Executive Summary
-Report of the Seminar
--What is the Relationship between Trade and Migration?
--Managing Movement
--Prospects for the GATS Negotiations for Managing Movement
--Annex I.1. Agenda of the OECD/World Bank/IOM Seminar on Trade and Migration
Part II. Issues for Trade and Migration by Julia Nielson
-Chapter 1. The Reality of Temporary Labour and Mode 4 Movement
-Chapter 2. Managing the Impact of Temporary Foreign Workers on Countries of Origin and Destination
-Chapter 3. Facilitating Access under the GATS
Part III. Conclusion by Julia Nielson, Aaditya Mattoo and Michele Klein Solomon
-Chapter 4. Conclusion: Where Next?
-Annex A. A Quick Guide to the GATS and Mode 4
-Annex A1. MFN Exemptions Affecting Movement of Natural Persons
-Annex A2. Negotiating Guidelines
-Annex B. Measuring Mode 4

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