The European Union's Trade Policies and their Economic Effects

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20 Nov 2000
9789264188532 (PDF) ;9789264185364(print)

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This book retraces the Communities' external liberalisation efforts, and discusses, where relevant, the repercussions of internal liberalisation on foreign competitors. The aim of this book is to clarify, and when feasible, to quantify the economic effects of the EU’s trade policies. To this end, it provides an overview of past liberalisation efforts, reviews trade indicators in international comparison and lays out the future trade agenda of the Community. According to the empirical evidence provided in this volume, integration in Europe does not seem to have entailed much trade diversion, while trade is likely to have boosted area-wide income significantly. It is openness in general, rather than regional integration, that has favoured growth in Europe.

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Table of Contents

I. Progress Towards Freer Trade: An Overview
-Internal integration improves access of third countries
-An expanding network of regional trade arrangements
-Multilateral liberalisation has kept momentum
II. The Currrent Trade Regime in International Comparison
-Tariff barriers are losing in importance
-Greater transparency of non-tariff barriers
-Agricultural protection remains high
-Services are undergoing major liberalisation and e-commerce takes off
-Cross-border competition issues receive more attention
-Harmonisation of standards: a response to increasing technical barriers to trade
-The EU's market access strategy
III. Economic Effects of Trade Liberalisation
-Eyeballing trade indicators
-Trade creation and trade diversion
-Investment and trade liberalisation
-Trade and growth
-Trade and employment
IV. The Future Agenda
-Cooperation on trade-related issues
-Deepening regional integration
-The multilateral agenda
Glossary of terms and acronyms
Annex I. The Institutional Framework and Treaty Provisions
Annex II. Trade and Growth in the European Union

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