The Development Dimensions of Trade

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07 Dec 2001
9789264195837 (PDF) ;9789264196759(print)

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The multilateral trading system has delivered successive rounds of trade liberalisation and established mechanisms to protect the interests of trading nations. The result has been growth for those nations that have recognised the importance of openness and established a domestic policy framework that complements the opportunities presented by trade liberalisation. How have some developing countries been able to turn globalisation to their advantage? What trade issues will need to be addressed if development is to be promoted more broadly? How can the multilateral trading system facilitate the development process? This publication provides an in-depth analysis of the development dimensions of trade, with particular emphasis on the integration of non-OECD countries into the global economy.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
I. The Trade and Investment Environment Going Into the 21st Century
II. The Globalisation Process and Non-OECD Countries
III. Openness and Growth: Evidence and Policy
IV. Non-OECD Countries and the Strengthening of the Multilateral Trading System
V. The WTO and Development
VI. The Contribution of Development Cooperation
VII. Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1. Labour Standards and the WTO
Appendix 2. The Least Developed Countries in World Trade
Appendix 3. Classification of Economies under various GSP Programmes

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