Quantifying the Benefits of Liberalising Trade in Services

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04 June 2003
9789264100435 (PDF) ;9789264100428(print)

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What are the major barriers to services trade? To what extent would further liberalisation of trade in services result in increased welfare gains and economic growth? Empirical evidence is also important to demonstrate the economic effects of market and regulatory changes as an aid to the design of adequate regulatory reform.

Amongst other issues, the papers in this volume explore fundamental issues for empirical research on trade in services. It highlights the specific data requirements and conceptual challenges for modelling liberalisation of services.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Economy-wide Effectsof Product Market Policies by Giuseppe Nicoletti
Chapter 2. Methodologies for Measuring Restrictions on Trade in Services by Greg McGuire
Chapter 3. Quantifying theEffects of Liberalising Services: The Experience of the Australian Productivity Commission by Patrick Jomini, George Verikios, and Xioao-Guang Zhang
Chapter 4. Liberlising Basic Telecommunications: Evidence from Developing Countries by Carsten Fink, Aaditya Mattoo, and Randeep Rathindran
Chapter 5. Quantifying Costs to National Welfare from Barriers to Services Trade: A Review of the Literature by Nora Dihel
Chapter 6. Quantification of the Costs to National Welfare of Barriers to Trade in Services: A Scoping Paper by Nora Dihel

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