Monthly Statistics of International Trade

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This reliable and up-to-date source of data on trade flows between OECD countries and their trading partners provides detailed insight into the most recent trends in world trading patterns. Data are broken down by economic groupings, by country and region, including seasonally adjusted series and calculated indicators. The series shown cover data for the last 8 months, 4 quarters and 2 years available. This monthly publication is divided into four parts: aggregate trade indicators, volume and average value indices, trade by SITC sections, and foreign trade of OECD countries by partner country.

Longer time series are available online on the OECD iLibrary ( The CD-ROM version has been discontinued. Detailed trade by commodity statistics are available in the International Trade by Commodities publications. For further information on these titles, please consult

Monthly Statistics of International Trade, Volume 2007 Issue 11

Monthly Statistics of International Trade, Volume 2007 Issue 11 You do not have access to this content

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This reliable and up-to-date source of statistics on international trade of OECD countries provides a detailed insight into recent trends in trading patterns of OECD countries with the rest of the world.  Each issue shows data for the last 8 months, four quarters, and two years.  Included area aggregate trade indicators; volume, unit value and price indices; trade by SITC sections; and trade of individual OECD member countries by partner country.

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Table of Contents

- Cover and Table of Contents
- Foreword and introduction
 - International Trade Indicators
 - Volume and Unit Value Trade Indices
 - Trade by SITC Sections
 -  OECD-Total
 -  G7
 -  Asia and Pacific
 -  OECD Europe
 -  EU-15 Extra-EU
 -  EUR-12 Extra-EU-12
 -  Australia
 -  Austria
 -  Belgium
 -  Canada
 -  Czech Republic
 -  Denmark
 -  Finland
 -  France
 -  Germany
 -  Greece
 -  Hungary
 -  Iceland
 -  Ireland
 -  Italy
 -  Japan
 -  Korea
 -  Luxembourg
 -  Mexico
 -  Netherlands
 -  New Zealand
 -  Norway
 -  Poland
 -  Portugal
 -  Slovak Republic
 -  Spain
 -  Sweden
 -  Switzerland
 -  Turkey
 -  United Kingdom
 -  United States

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