Environmental Goods and Services

Environmental Goods and Services

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24 July 2001
9789264193611 (PDF) ;9789264187276(print)

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This book examines the extent to which there are trade impediments to the transfer and adoption of environmental goods and services, how can these be addressed by global trade negotiations, the role of complementary measures in order to ensure "win-win" benefits -- that is promoting both environmental protection and economic growth, and how developing countries can also benefit to ensure a triple -- "win-win-win" -- situation.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Coverage of the Environmental Goods and Services Industry
-Mapping the Environment Industry
-Identifying Environmental Goods for International Trade Purposes
-Identifying Environmental Services for Purposes of International Trade
-Shortcomings in the Existing GATS Classification of Environmental Services
-The "Core" Plus "Intrinsically Related" Approach to GATS Classification
Chapter 2. Factors in International Diffusion of Environmental Goods and Services, Including Trade
-Demand-Side Factors
-Supply-Side Factors for Environmental Goods
-Supply-Side Factors for Environmental Services
Chapter 3. The Potential "Win-Win" Situation: the Role of Trade Liberalisation for Environmental Goods and Services in Improving Environmental Protection, Economic Efficiency, and Development Prospects
-Improving the Balance Between Demand- and Supply-Side Factors: The Role of Complementary Measures
-The"Win-Win" Proposition in Action: Case Studies of Liberalisation of Water and Waste Management Services Markets in Developing Economies
-"Win-Win" Outcomes

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