OECD-WTO: Statistics on Trade in Value Added

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Business competitiveness and export performance are increasingly tied to countries’ integration into global production chains and a willingness to open markets to wider imports, according to the international trade in value added database. This database breaks with conventional measurements of trade, which record gross flows of goods and services each time they cross borders. It seeks instead to analyse the value added by a country in the production of any good or service that is then exported, and offers a fuller picture of commercial relations between nations. See the video for an explanation of trade in value added. TiVA is part of the “Made in the World” initiative.

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This dataset comprises trade in value added indicators for the most recent years, estimated using now-casting techniques. This approach  estimates national input-output tables by projecting relationships observed in the latest TiVA benchmark year (currently 2011) into nowcast years (currently 2012-2014). This approach is limited to official estimates of gross output and value-added by industry and national accounts main aggregates of demand and trade, and supplemented by bilateral trade statistics, all of which are available throughout the nowcast period.

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