Monthly Statistics of International Trade

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The Monthly Statistics of International Trade database provides monthly data from 1961 on imports and exports of goods by partner countries, trade in value classified by sections of SITC, volume indices, average unit value indices and price indices including seasonally adjusted series as well as calculated indicators for OECD countries with 314 different partner countries and groups of partner countries.

This database is no longer being updated (latest data refer to December 2013). For more recent data, please consult OECD Quarterly International Trade Statistics,

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Keywords:  net trade, international trade, trade, goods, trade indices, SITC sections, statistics

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This dataset includes conversion factors used for Monthly Statistics of International Trade datasets as well as fluctuations from those exchange rates across time. Data are expressed in US dollars per national currency and converted using IMF monthly average conversion rates, available from 1955 onwards.

Also available in French
Keywords:  conversion rate, international trade, statistics, exchange rate, trade
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