OECD Tax Policy Studies

1990-0538 (online)
1990-0546 (print)
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This series consists of studies analysing the effects of tax policies that have occurred in the past or might be considered for the future. Its primary purpose is to assist policy makers in designing tax policies that are suited to their objectives.

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Taxation of Capital Gains of Individuals

Taxation of Capital Gains of Individuals

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24 Nov 2006
9789264029507 (PDF) ;9789264029491(print)

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This book investigates policy considerations in the taxation of capital gains of individuals and design features of capital gains tax systems.  Perspectives on these are reported for 20 OECD countries.  Descriptive information on aspects of capital tax rules for gains on domestic assets of resident investors are presented in summary tables covering all OECD countries.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Central Tax Policy Consideratons in the Treatment of Capital Gains
-Securing Tax Revenues
-Efficiency Considerations including "Lock-In" Effects
-Contributing to Horizontal and Vertical Equity
-Encouraging Savings and Promoting Enterprise
-Containing Taxpayer Compliance and Tax Administration Costs
Chapter 2. Additional Policy Considerations in the Treatment of Capital Gains
-Possible Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Effects on Risk Taking
-Possible Capital Gains Tax Effects on the Cost of Capital and Corporate Financial Policy
Chapter 3. Capital Gains Tax Design Issues
-Realisation vs. Accrual Taxation
-Applicable Tax Rate (PIT vs. Separate CGT)
-Ring-Fenced Treatment of Loses
-Rollover Provisions
-Treatment of Personal Residence
-Treatment of the Inflation Component of Nominal Capital Gains
-Treatment of Non-Residents
-Transitional Considerations
Annex A. Review of Possible "Lock-In" Effects of CGT
Annex B. Measures of Risk Aversion
Annex C. Review of Possible CGT Effects on Portfolio Allocation (Risk Effects)
Annex D. Review of Possible CGT Effects on Corporate Financial Policy

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