Taxing Wages

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Taxing Wages provides unique information on income tax paid by workers and on social security contributions levied upon employees and their employers in OECD countries. Family benefits paid as cash transfers are specified. Amounts of taxes and benefits are detailed programme by programme, for eight household types which differ by income level and household composition. Results reported include the marginal and effective tax burden for one- and two-earner families, and total labour costs of employers

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Keywords:  statistics, tax, wages

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2000 onwards

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This dataset contains statistics on taxes paid on wages, incomes and cash-benefit statistics presented by country. Included are various household income figures, such as gross earnings, taxable income and take-home pay, and various tax statistics, such as allowances, credits,cash transfers and tax revenue. Data are provided for eight family-types differing by income level and household composition. These statistics are available from 2000 onwards
Also available in French
Keywords:  tax, cash transfers, taxation, income tax, marginal tax rate, tax wedge, allowance, social security, taxing wages, tax credits, household composition, statistics, income level
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