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OECD Tax Statistics are published in two volumes: The Revenue Statistics database provides detailed information on tax and other government revenues broken down by type of tax or revenue and level of government. Data are provided for the period 1975 onwards for all OECD countries. Country data are normally provided in national currencies. Comparable data tables show taxation and social security contributions as a percentage of GDP. The Taxing Wages database provides information on taxes paid and benefits received by workers under 8 different income and family composition situations. Data mainly refer to recent years, but some comparative tables also present statistics of interest over the period 1979 to 2003. Data are provided for all OECD countries in national currency values.

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Revenue Statistics: European Union VAT and customs duties (Edition 2015) You do not have access to this content


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This dataset is a subset of the Revenue Statistics datavase which contains data on VAT own resources of the European communities, and Customs duties collected on behalf of the European Union, for 19 member countries of the European Union. Data comprises the years 1975 and above and is measured in millions of national currency.

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