Transforming Disability into Ability

Transforming Disability into Ability

Policies to Promote Work and Income Security for Disabled People You do not have access to this content

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10 Feb 2003
9789264158245 (PDF) ;9789264198876(print)

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This book examines a wide array of labour market and social protection programmes aimed at people with disabilities and analyses the relationship between policies and outcomes across twenty OECD countries.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Summary of Key Findings
Chapter 2. Objectives and Analytical Framework
Chapter 3. Evidence on Income and Labour Force Participation
Chapter 4. Compensation Policy Challenges
Chapter 5. Integration Policy Challenges
Chapter 6. A Disability Policy Typology
Chapter 7. Recent and Forthcoming Policy Reforms
Chapter 8. Policy Conclusions
Annex 1. Technical Annex
Annex 2. Classification for the Policy Typology
Annex 3. Characteristics of Disability-Related Benfit Schemes
Annex 4. Characteristics of the Approach to Employment Promotion

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