The OECD Health Project

1990-1291 (online)
1990-1305 (print)
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This series presents analytical reports produced by the OECD Health Project. Recent reports have covered such topics as private health insurance, health technology and decision making, long-term care and performance of health care systems.

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Towards High-Performing Health Systems

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12 May 2004
9789264015562 (PDF) ;9789264015555(print)

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This volume offers a synthesis of findings from recent OECD studies undertaken as part of the three-year Health Project, an initiative geared towards answering many of the key questions facing today’s health policy makers. It provides information and analysis on a wide variety of topics, such as new and emerging health-related technologies, long-term care, private health insurance, health-care cost control, equity of access across income groups, health workforce planning and productivity, and waiting times for elective surgery. Building on international experience and grounded in new data on cross-country differences, this report offers an up-to-date map of the road to performance improvement.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Health System Reform: Lessons from Experience by Elizabeth Docteur and Howard Oxley of the OECD Secretariat
Chapter 2. Monitoring and Improving the Technical Quality of Medical Care: A New Challenge for Policy Makers in OECD Countries by Soeren Mattke of the OECD Secretariat
Chapter 3. Income-Related Inequality in the Use of Medical Care in 21 OECD Countries by Eddy van Doorslaer, Cristina Masseria of Erasmus University and the OECD Health Equity Research Group
Chapter 4. Matching Supply with Demand for the Services of Physicians and Nurses by Steven Simoens and Jeremy Hurst of the OECD Secretariat
Chapter 5. Tackling Excessive Waiting Times for Elective Surgery by Jeremy Hurst and Luigi Siciliani of the OECD Secretariat
Chapter 6. Private Health Insurance in OECD Countries: The Benefits and Costs for Individuals and Health Systems by Nicole Tapay and Francesca Colombo
Chapter 7. Ageing-Related Spending Projections on Health and Long-Term Care by Mandeep Bains of the EuropAid Cooperation Office and Howard Oxley of OECD.

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