Sickness, Disability and Work: Breaking the Barriers (Vol. 1)

Sickness, Disability and Work: Breaking the Barriers (Vol. 1)

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07 Nov 2006
9789264026322 (PDF) ;9789264026315(print)

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Why is it that health is improving, yet more and more people of working age end up out of the workforce relying on long-term sickness and disability benefits? This first report in a new OECD series on sickness, disability and work explores the possible factors behind this paradox. It looks specifically at the cases of Norway, Poland and Switzerland, and highlights the role of institutions and policies. A range of reform recommendations is put forward.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary and Recommendations
Chapter 1. Main Outcomes and Key Policy Challenges
Chapter 2. Controlling Access to Long-Term Benefits
Chapter 3. Increasing Employment Opportunities
Chapter 4. Enhancing Financial Incentives
Chapter 5. Improving Governance and Policy Coherence
Chapter 6. Evaluating Recent and Ongoing Reforms
Chapter 7. An Agenda for the Future
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