Recruiting Immigrant Workers

Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Germany 2013
2225-7969 (online)
2225-7950 (print)
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This series considers labour migration policies in OECD countries. It examines whether labour migration policy is effective and efficient. Each study in the series covers a specific country. Each looks at discretionary labour migration – that is, labour migration movements over which policy has direct, immediate oversight – focusing on two key areas: the country’s labour migration system and its characteristics; and the extent to which policy is responding to the needs of the domestic labour market and its impact on the latter.


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    04 Feb 2013 Click to Access:  Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Germany 2013
The review examines key issues in the design of the German labour migration system, on the demand side and on the supply side.
    19 Dec 2011 Click to Access:  Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Sweden 2011
This book answers the question of whether Sweden’s labour migration policy is efficiently working to meet labour market needs that were not being met, without adversely affecting the domestic labour market.
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