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Health status includes the length of people's lives, as well as their physical and mental health which may be affected by infectious diseases, chronic diseases and injuries.

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Keywords:  premature mortality, cancer, infant mortality, suicide, mortality, life expectancy, death, health status

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This indicator is a summary measure of premature mortality, providing an explicit way of weighting deaths occurring at younger ages, which may be preventable. The calculation of Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL) involves summing up deaths occurring at each age and multiplying this with the number of remaining years to live up to a selected age limit (age 70 is used in OECD Health Statistics). In order to assure cross-country and trend comparison, the PYLL are standardised, for each country and each year. The total OECD population in 2010 is taken as the reference population for age standardisation. This indicator is presented as a total and per gender. It is measured in years lost per 100 000 inhabitants (total), per 100 000 men and per 100 000 women, aged 0-69.

Also available in French
Keywords:  Potential years of life lost, premature mortality
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