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Cancer Care
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This series of publications analyses the organisation and performance of health systems, and factors explaining performance variations. Studies are conducted on such topics as co-ordination of care, pharmaceutical pricing, long-term care and disability, health workforce and international migration of health workers, information and communications technologies in health care, and the economics of prevention. 
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    30 Oct 2013 Click to Access:  Cancer Care
Cancer Care: Assuring Quality to Improve Survival surveys the policy trends in cancer care over recent years and looks at survival rates to identify the why some countries are doing better than others.
    17 June 2013 Click to Access:  A Good Life in Old Age?
OECD, European Union
This book offers evidence and examples of useful experiences to help policy makers, providers and experts measure and improve the quality of long-term care services.
    15 May 2013 Click to Access:  Strengthening Health Information Infrastructure for Health Care Quality Governance
This book, based on studies of 19 countries on the development and use of personal health data and of 25 countries on development and use of electronic health record systems, includes results showing good practices, new opportunities and data privacy...
    04 Feb 2013 Click to Access:  Waiting Time Policies in the Health Sector
This book provides a framework to understand why there are waiting lists for elective surgery in some OECD countries and not in others. It also describes how waiting times are measured in OECD countries and reviews different policy approaches to...
    18 May 2011 Click to Access:  Help Wanted?
Francesca Colombo, Ana Llena-Nozal, Jérôme Mercier, Frits Tjadens
This book examines the challenges countries are facing with regard to providing and paying for long-term care.
    07 Oct 2010 Click to Access:  Value for Money in Health Spending
This publication examines current efforts to improve health care efficiency, including tools that show promise in helping health systems provide the best care for their money.
    07 Oct 2010 Click to Access:  Improving Value in Health Care
This publication describes what international comparable quality measures are currently available and how to link these measures to quality policies such as accreditation, practice guidelines, pay-for-performance, national safety programmes and...
    28 May 2010 Click to Access:  Improving Health Sector Efficiency
Using lessons from case studies, this report identifies the opportunities offered by ICTs for the health sector and analyses under what conditions these technologies are most likely to result in efficiency and quality-of-care improvements.
    02 Nov 2009 Click to Access:  Achieving Better Value for Money in Health Care
This report report examines selected policies that may help countries better achieve the goal of improved health system efficiency and thus better value for money.
    24 Sep 2008 Click to Access:  Pharmaceutical Pricing Policies in a Global Market
This report assesses how pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies have contributed to the achievement of certain health policy objectives, and it examines the national and transnational effects of these policies.
    23 Sep 2008 Click to Access:  The Looming Crisis in the Health Workforce
OECD countries face a challenge in responding to the growing demand for doctors and nurses over the next 20 years. This book identifies possible ways to deal with these potential shortages.
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