Health resources

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Health resources includes financial resources (health spending) and human resources. Health spending measures the consumption of health services and goods, including outpatient care, hospital care, long-term care, pharmaceuticals and other medical goods, prevention and public health services, and administration. Health human resources, including doctors and nurses obviously, play a vital role in delivering health services.

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Keywords:  health resources, medical graduates, health expenditure, health spending, nursing graduates, pharmaceutical

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  • Health spending

    Health spending measures the final consumption of health care goods and services.
  • Pharmaceutical spending

    Pharmaceutical spending is defined as expenditures on prescriptions medicines and over-the-counter products.
  • Doctors

    Doctors are defined as "practising physicians"; they are medical doctors providing direct care to patients.
  • Nurses

    Nurses are defined as all the "practising nurses" employed in public and private settings providing health services to patients.
  • Medical graduates

    Medical graduates are defined as the number of students who have graduated from medical schools or similar institutions in a given year. Dental, public health and epidemiology graduates are excluded.
  • Nursing graduates

    Nursing graduates refer to the number of students who have obtained a recognised qualification required to become a licensed or registered nurse. They include graduates from both higher level and lower level nursing programmes.
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