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Migration refers to all movements of people into (immigration) or out (emigration) of a specific country or countries. Migrant populations are defined on the ground of the place of birth (foreign-born) or of the citizenship (foreigners). Migrants are classed under one of several categories: family, free movements, work, humanitarian, accompanying family of workers, or other.

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Keywords:  migration, transfer, migrant, emigration, flow, wire, immigration

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The foreign-born population covers all people who have ever migrated from their country of birth to their current country of residence. The foreign-born population data shown here include people born abroad as nationals of their current country of residence. The difference across countries between the size of the foreign-born population and that of the foreign population depends on the rules governing the acquisition of citizenship in each country. This indicator is measured as a percentage of population.

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Keywords:  expatriates, foreign-born, nationality, population, residence, citizens, immigration
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