OECD Social and Welfare Statistics

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Formerly titled the OECD Social Expenditure Database (SOCX), this includes reliable and internationally comparable statistics on public and mandatory and voluntary private social expenditure at programme level, covering old age, survivors, and incapacity-related benefits; health, family, and active labor market programmes; and unemployment, housing, GINI, poverty, income inequality, and other social policy areas.

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Keywords:  sociall expenditures, benefits, taxes, social expenditures, income, pension

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The Wealth distribution database provides data that refer to the distribution of real and financial assets and liabilities across households (rather than across persons or adults), with no adjustment made to reflect differences in household size (which is the convention used by the OECD when analysing the distribution of household income). The data also refer to the assets and liabilities held by private households resident in the country. Information is collected on net household wealth broken down by housing status, age of the household head, number of household members, household type, education of the household head, main source of income, and wealth and income quintiles. Information is also collected on the share of households holding various types of assets and liabilities; on the mean value of assets and liabilities for households holding them; on the joint distribution of household wealth and income across household quintiles.

Keywords:  richness, household, fortune, inequality
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