OECD Social and Welfare Statistics

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Formerly titled the OECD Social Expenditure Database (SOCX), this includes reliable and internationally comparable statistics on public and mandatory and voluntary private social expenditure at programme level, covering old age, survivors, and incapacity-related benefits; health, family, and active labor market programmes; and unemployment, housing, GINI, poverty, income inequality, and other social policy areas.

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Keywords:  sociall expenditures, benefits, taxes, social expenditures, income, pension

Family Indicators (Edition 2016) You do not have access to this content


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The OECD Family Indicators database was developed to provide cross-national indicators on family outcomes and family policies across the OECD countries, its enhanced engagement partners and EU member states. The database brings together information from various national and international databases, both from within the OECD and from external organisations.

The database classifies indicators into four main dimensions:

(i) structure of families,

(ii) labour market position of families, and

(iii) public policies for families and children

(iv) child outcomes

Keywords:  group, career, sex, household, gender, outcome, tribe
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