OECD International Migration Statistics

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2074-420X (online)
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The database contains data on foreign and foreign-born population, migration flows, naturalisations and labour market outcomes.

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Keywords: migration

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    International migration database

    This database presents data showcasing flows and stocks of the total immigrant population and immigrant labour force, together with data on acquisition of nationality.
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    Immigrants by citizenship and age

    This comparative table includes data related to international immigrants by citizenship and age. Most of the thematic files of the database include three core variables: the country of residence, the country of birth and educational attainment as well as subcategories for gender and age.
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    Immigrants by detailed occupation

    This database compares immigration in terms of detailed occupation per industry such as management occupation, legal, occupation, healthcare support occupation, manufacturing occupation, production occupation, military occupation.
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    Immigrants by duration of stay

    This dataset focuses on immigration by duration of stay as a core variable while having gender, place of birth and level of education as subsets.
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    Immigrants by field of study

    This database provides data on immigration in terms of fields of study only covering the people with a tertiary education such as health and welfare, art and humanities, engineering, manufacturing and construction, business and law.
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    Immigrants by labour force status

    This dataset provides data on migration with respect to labour force status such as employed, unemployed, inactive and unknown labour force status.
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    Immigrants by occupation

    This dataset compares international migration in terms of professional occupation. Professions such as economist, statistician, jurists, architects, engineers, journalists, managers are included within this dataset.
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    Immigrants by sector

    This dataset includes international migration statistics by sector and industry such as agriculture, construction, financial activities and health sector.
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    Immigrants by sex and age

    This dataset includes migration statistics while focusing on two core variables: gender and age.
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