Ageing and Employment Policies

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People today are living longer than ever before, while birth rates are dropping in the majority of OECD countries. Such demographics raise the question: are current public social expenditures adequate and sustainable? Older workers play a crucial role in the labour market. Now that legal retirement ages are rising, fewer older workers are retiring early, but at the same time those older workers who have lost their job after the age of 50 have tended to remain in long term unemployment.  What can countries do to help? How can they give older people better work incentives and opportunities? These reports offer analysis and assessment on what the best policies are for fostering employability, job mobility and labour demand at an older age.

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Ageing and Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi: Finland 2004

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12 Feb 2004
9789264020313 (PDF) ;9789264020306(print)

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This report, part of a series covering around 20 OECD countries, contains a survey of the Finland's main barriers to employment for older workers, an assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of existing measures to overcome these barriers, and a set of policy recommendations to further action by public authorities and social partners.  These recommendations are designed to alleviate some of the pension and health care pressures governments are facing because of ageing populations.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary and Recommendations
-The Challenges Facing Finland
-Some Progress Has Been Made
-Areas Where Further Reform is Required
-Resume et principales recommandations
Chapter 1. The Challenge Ahead
-The Demographic Challenge
-Potential Economic and Social Impacts
Chapter 2. The Current Labour Market Situation of Older Workers
-Key Issue I: Increasing Labour Market Participation Rates of Older Workers - Especially Men
-Key Issue II. The Unemployment Rate for Older People Has To Be Reversed
-Key Issue III. Reducing Inactivity by Strengthening Work Incentives
Chapter 3. Striking the Right Balance: Income Support for Older People and Work Incentives
-Welfare Systems - A Way Out of the Labour Market?
-Old-Age Pensions
-Alternative Pathways to an Early Withdrawal
-Combating Early Retirement in Finland
Chapter 4. Changing Employer Practices in Regard to Older Workers
-Employment Practices of Firms
-Labour Costs
-Employment Protection -Obstacle or Security?
-Subsidising Labour Costs for Older Workers
Chapter 5. Better Access to Better Jobs
-Education and Labour Market Status of Older Workers
-Skills and Training of Older Workers
-Helping Older People Find New Jobs
-The Work Environment of Finland
Chapter 6. A General Framework for the Future
-Policy Coherence and Ageing Programmes
-Alternative Ways to Boost Labour Supply
-Maintaining the Momentum

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