A Disease-based Comparison of Health Systems

A Disease-based Comparison of Health Systems

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14 May 2003
9789264100053 (PDF) ;9789264099814(print)

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What approach to treating certain ageing-related diseases works best and at what cost? That is, what combination of health care system characteristics, prevention, detection, technology and treatment, is the most cost-effective? The OECD Ageing-Related Diseases study investigated how health systems treat three diseases: ischemic heart disease, stroke and breast cancer. This book includes papers discussing the results of the OECD study with essays by leading experts, and uses a disease-based approach to comparing health-systems.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to the Results of the Ageing-Related Diseases Study
Chapter 1. Introduction to the Ageing-Related Diseases Project by Stephane Jacobzone
Chapter 2. The Heart of the Health Care System: Summary of the Ischaemic Heart Disease Part of the OECD Ageing-Related Diseases Study by Pierre Moise
Chapter 3. Stroke Treatment and Care: A Comparison of Approaches in OECD Countries by Lynelle Moon
Chapter 4. Summary of Results from Breast Cancer Disease Study by Melissa Hughes
Chapter 5. Comparing Health Care Systems from the Disease-Specific Perspective by Alan M. Garber
Part II. Why Do Different Countries Spend Different Amounts on Health Care
Chapter 6. Why Do Different Countries Spend Different Amounts on Health Care? Bengt Jonsson and Ingemar Eckerlund
Chapter 7. A Framework for Evaluating Medical Care Systems by David M. Cutler
Chapter 8. Integrating Cost-of-Disease Studies into Purchasing Power Parities by Jack E. Triplett
Part III. Measuring Ageing and Health Expenditure Today and Tomorrow
Chapter 9. Projecting Future Needs: Long-Term Projections of Public Expenditure on Health and Long-Term Care for EU Member States by Mandeep Bains
Chapter 10. Population Ageing, Health Expenditure, and Treatment: An ARD Perspective by Pierre Moise and Stephane Jacobzone
Chapter 11. Data Needed for Research and Policy in Ageing Societies by Brigitte Santos-Eggimann and Pierre-Yves Geoffard
Part IV. Health Technology Diffusion, Assessment, and Expenditure
Chapter 12. The Tehcnology-Health Expenditure Link by Pierre Moise
Chapter 13. The Relationship between Health Policies, Medical Technology Trends, and Outcomes: A Perspective From the TECH Global Research Network by Vincenzo Atella and the TECH Investigators
Chapter 14. How Health Technology Assessment, Regulation, and Planning Affect the Diffusion ofTechnology in Health Care Systems by Clive Pritchard
Part V. Health Outcomes Over the Continuum of Care
Chapter 15. Comparable Measures of Population Health with a Focus on OECD Countries by Ritu Sadana, Ajay Tandon, Colin D. Mathers, Joshua A. Salomon, T. Bediran Ustun, Alan D. Lopez, and Christopher J. L. Murray
Chapter 16. Progressing the Collection of Information on Health Outcomes: A Perspective from the ARD Study by Lynelle Moon
Part VI. Policy Implications
Chapter 17. Understanding the Performance of Health Systems: The ARD Perspective by Stephane Jacobzone
Chapter 18. Information Needs and the Implications for Monitoring Health Systems: The Australian Experience by Chris Stevenson, Richard Madden, Diane Gibson, and John Goss
Chapter 19. Ageing and Health Policy: The Value of International Comparisons and the Potential of Surveys to Add a Missing Perspective by Cathy Schoen
Part VII. Roundtable Panel Discussion
Chapter 20. Summary of the Roundtable Panel Discussion by Dr. Richard Suzman, Maria Theofilatou, Peter Scherer, Lluis Bohiga, and Jo de Cock
Participating Countries and Organisations

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