Government at a Glance 2011
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branch Annex G. Detailed Data from the 2010 OECD Survey on Public Procurement

This annex provides data for each responding country on the transparency of the public procurement cycle, as well as the online availability of public procurement information and the central government review and remedy mechanisms available for bidders. The data underlie the summaries of data presented in Chapter 9, specifically, for Indicator 41 and Indicator 42.

Table G.1.  Mechanisms to routinely involve citizens in key stages of the procurement cycle at the central level of government (2010)

Table image

Note : Information is not available for Israel on oversight of bid opening process, public hearing on terms of a contract, complaints and dissatisfaction on the implementation, and monitoring contract delivery.


Table G.2.  Central government review and remedy mechanisms available for public procurement (2010)

Table image


1. Yes.

2. No.


Table G.3.  Online availability of selected public procurement information in central governments (2010)

Table image

Note : Not applicable (e.g. information not public).


Table G.4.  Most common services offered by the governmental single-entry e-procurement website (2010)

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Note : In the majority of cases, an n.a. response indicates country does not have a single-entry procurement website. However, e-procurement services may be available on other websites.

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