Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017  
branch Table of contents
     Executive summary
     Reader's guide
1 Recent developments in entrepreneurship
     Enterprise creations are picking-up in most countries
     Bankruptcies are back to pre-crisis levels
     Self-employment has evolved differently across countries
     Digitalisation has opened new pathways and markets for entrepreneurial growth
2 Structure and performance of the enterprise population
     Enterprises by size
     Employment by enterprise size
     Value added by enterprise size
     Turnover by enterprise size
     Compensation of employees by enterprise size
3 Productivity by enterprise size
     Productivity gaps across enterprises
     Productivity growth by enterprise size
     Productivity and wage gaps across firms
4 Business dynamics and job creation
     Birth of enterprises
     Death of enterprises
     Churn rate
     Young enterprises
     High-growth enterprises rate
5 SMEs and international trade
     Trade concentration
     Trade by enterprise size
     SMEs and market proximity
     Trade by enterprise ownership
6 Female entrepreneurship
     Gender differences in self-employment rates
     Earnings from self-employment
     Entrepreneurial attitude
7 Venture capital
     Venture capital investments
     Venture capital investments by investee company
     Venture capital investments by sector
A. Sources of data on timely indicators of entrepreneurship
B. List of Indicators of Entrepreneurial Determinants
C. International comparability of venture capital data

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