Entrepreneurship at a Glance  
branch Table of contents
     Executive summary
     Reader's guide
1 Recent developments in entrepreneurship
     New enterprise creations
     Self-employment rates
2 Structural indicators on enterprise population
     Enterprises by size class
     Employment by size class
     Value added by size class
     Productivity by enterprise size class
     Exports by enterprise size class
3 Enterprise birth, death and survival
     Birth rate of employer enterprises
     Death rate of employer enterprises
     Churn rate of employer enterprises
     Survival rate of employer enterprises
4 Enterprise growth and employment creation
     Employment creation and destruction by employer enterprise births and deaths
     Employment creation and destruction in surviving enterprises
     High-growth enterprises rate
     Gazelles rate
5 The profile of the entrepreneur
     Gender differences in self-employment rates
     Self-employment among the youth and seniors
     Self-employment rates of migrants
     Earnings from self-employment
     Preferences and feasibility of self-employment
6 Determinants of entrepreneurship: selected indicators
     Culture: The role of entrepreneurship education
     Culture: Attitude toward failure
     Access to finance: Venture capital
A. Sources of data on timely indicators of entrepreneurship
B. List of indicators of entrepreneurial determinants
C. International comparability of venture capital data

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