Measuring Globalisation: OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators 2010
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branch Foreword

Appropriate indicators that can measure the magnitude and intensity of the globalisation process are increasingly important to underpin evidence-based policy. This publication is the second edition of the OECD's Economic Globalisation Indicators, which responds to the demand of policy makers.

It includes a range of indicators that are largely based on the OECD Handbook on Economic Globalisation Indicators, which provides a conceptual and methodological framework for gathering quantitative information and constructing indicators. The Handbook also provides national data compilers with the methodological and statistical guidelines needed to construct the chosen indicators and make them compatible with international standards.

This second edition of OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators presents measures of globalisation related to capital movements and foreign direct investments, international trade, the economic activity of multinational firms and the internationalisation of technology. However, it goes beyond what is proposed in the Handbook as it also includes some indicators linked to the financial crisis, portfolio investments, environmental aspects and the emergence of global value chains.

This volume results from the co-operation of four OECD directorates: the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI), the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (DAF), the Statistics Directorate (STD) and the Environment Directorate (ENV).

This second edition was prepared under the direction of Thomas Hatzichronoglou of DSTI with the help of Isabelle Desnoyers-James and Laurent Moussiegt who provided statistical assistance and managed all technical aspects of the report. Koen De Backer was responsible for the final revision.

The authors of this publication are:

  • Thomas Hatzichronoglou (DSTI) for A, B, F, I, J and K;
  • Ayse Bertrand (DAF) for D and E;
  • Andreas Lindner (STD) for Section C and Prof. Lelio Iapadre (University of L'Aquila, Italy) for Indicator C.12 on intra-regional trade;
  • Laudeline Auriol (DSTI) for Section G;
  • Nick Johnstone and Xavier Leflaive (ENV) for Section H;
  • Koen De Backer (DSTI) for Sections A and L.

In addition, other OECD staff also made significant contributions, including Dirk Pilat, Andrew Wyckoff, Norihiko Yamano, Myriam Linster, Valérie Gaveau, Cécilia Piemonte, Eun-Pyo Hong, Florian Eberth, Bettina Wistrom, Patrizio Sicari, Eric Gonnard, Agnès Cimper, Chiara Criscuolo, Bo Meng, Sébastien Miroudot, Sonia Araujo, Joaquim Oliveira Martins and Philippe Hervé.

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