The Development of Broadband Access in OECD Countries

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27 June 2002
9789264034754 (PDF)

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This report updates developments in terms of the roll out of broadband access in OECD countries. It does not aim to provide a definitive description of the technological alternatives or the applications for which it is being used but rather to highlight developments in relation to the leading platforms. The focus of the analysis is on how fast broadband access is being developed, what regulatory barriers exist to this development and what initiatives might be taken to increase the pace of development.

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Table of Contents

-Main points
-Developing broadband access
-Unbundling and line sharing
-Cable ownership
-Broadband technologies
-Broadband developments in OECD countries
--Czech Republic
--New Zealand
--Slovak Republic
--United Kingdom
--United States
-DSL pricing update
-Initial service charges
-Monthly service charges
-Connection speed
-Impact of competition on pricing
-Comparing DSL prices
-Comparing cable modem prices

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