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Prepared by the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (STI), the STI Review, published twice yearly, presents studies of interest to science, technology and industry policy makers and analysts, with particular emphasis on cross-country comparisons, quantitative descriptions of new trends and identification of recent and future policy problems. Because of the nature of OECD work, the STI Review explores structural and institutional change at global level as well as at regional, national and sub-national levels. Issues often focus on particular themes, such as surveys on firm-level innovation behaviour and technology-related employment problems.


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The papers in this special issue of the STI Review examine theoretically and empirically the role of innovation and technology diffusion in the process of economic growth and the impact of technology on jobs using different methodologies and data sets.

Table of Contents

-Knowledge, Skills and Growth: Some Economic Issues
-R&D Externalities and Productivity Growth
-The Dynamics of Innovation and Employment: An International Comparison
-Technology and the Demand for Skills
-Changes in the Demand for Skilled Labour in France
-Asymmetric Growth Effects, Skill Mismatchand Unemployment Persistence
-Technical Progress, International Trade and Low-Skilled Labour
-Programme of the Expert Workshop on Technology, Productivity and Employment: Macroeconomic and Sectoral Evidence
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