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Prepared by the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (STI), the STI Review, published twice yearly, presents studies of interest to science, technology and industry policy makers and analysts, with particular emphasis on cross-country comparisons, quantitative descriptions of new trends and identification of recent and future policy problems. Because of the nature of OECD work, the STI Review explores structural and institutional change at global level as well as at regional, national and sub-national levels. Issues often focus on particular themes, such as surveys on firm-level innovation behaviour and technology-related employment problems.


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Why do governments engage in technology foresight? What lessons emerge from the results of national experiences in technology foresight? This special issue of the STI Review addresses these questions, and looks at the strengths and weaknesses of different methodologies, including Delphi surveys, and the reliability of their results. It also addresses the issues of industrial involvement, the scope for international collaboration in technology foresight and the potential consequences for international technology co-operation or competition. Studies of government foresight exercises and their results are presented for Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Table of Contents

-Introduction: Initiatives in Futures Research at the OECD
-Technology Foresight: a Review of Recent Government Exercises
-Technology Foresight in Japan: A New Approach in Methodology and Analysis
-Foresight in Science and Technology: Selected Methodologies and Recent Activities in Germany
-Technological Dynamics for the Year 2010 in France (The Delphi Survey Approach)
-Some Recent Foresight Experience in Australia: The Australian Science and Technology Council
-Technological Foresight Studies in the Netherlands
-Heterogeneity and Co-ordination: The Experience of the Dutch Foresight Steering Committee
-Technology Foresight in the United Kingdom
-List of Participants at the OECD ad hoc meeting of experts, 14 September 1994
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