Remaking the Movies

Remaking the Movies

Digital Content and the Evolution of the Film and Video Industries You do not have access to this content

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05 May 2008
9789264043305 (PDF) ;9789264043299(print)

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Film and video products take a huge variety of forms from modest training or promotion audio-visuals to blockbuster feature films that earn very large amounts of money from worldwide distribution. Production and distribution for any film or video product involve an extremely wide array of commercial interests often with quite different strategies. This study focuses on commercial entertainment products and production and distribution of films and television programs. It analyses the impact of digital content creation, distribution and use on value chains and business models of the film and video industry and explores the policy implications of these changes to identify how digital content may affect the function and position of participants in the industry along the value chain.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
-Aims of this Study
-Economic Significance of the Film and Video Industries
-Defining the Film and Video Industries
-Current Challenges
Chapter 2. Film and Video Production and Markets in OECD Countries
-Characteristics of the Film and Video Industry
-Overview of Film and Video Markets in OECD Countries
-Cinema Markets
-Television Markets
-Consumer Video Markets
-Online Video Markets
Chapter 3. The Evolving Structure of the Film and Video Industry
-Structural Change in the Film and Video Industry
-Implications for Digital Content of Industry Structure Evolution
Chapter 4. The Value Chain for Filmed Entertainment Products
-The Value Chain for Filmed Entertainment Products
-Differences in the Value Chain for Different Film and Video Products
Chapter 5. Technical Change and Value Chain Evolution
-Full Digitalisation of the Value Chain
-Creating New Digital Distribution Markets for Film and Video Products
-The Costs of Digital Film and Video Production
Chapter 6. Digital Film and Video Content and future Value Chain Evolution
-The Effects of Full Digitalisation on the Value Chain
-Value Chain Evolution and Industry Structure
-Value Chain Evolution and Commercial Strategies
-Value Chain Evolution and the Economic Viability of Filmed Entertainment
Chapter 7. The Policy Framework
-Innovation and Technology
-Business and Regulatory Environment
-Buisiness Development
-Conceptualisation, Classification, and Measurement
-Policy Challenges
Online References Cited and Consulted
Appendix A. North American Statistical Definition of the Motion Picture Sector
Appendix B. The Indian Motion Picture Industry

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