The OECD Health Project

1990-1291 (online)
1990-1305 (print)
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This series presents analytical reports produced by the OECD Health Project. Recent reports have covered such topics as private health insurance, health technology and decision making, long-term care and performance of health care systems.

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Health Technologies and Decision Making

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11 Oct 2005
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9789264016224 (PDF) ; 9789264016200 (print)

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Health technology has the tremendous potential to change our understanding of disease, transform the delivery of health-care services, and improve health outcomes. But using such technology comes at a price. Health Technologies and Decision Making analyses the barriers to, and facilitators of, evidence-based decision making in OECD health-care systems. It examines how countries can successfully manage the opportunities and challenges arising from health-related technology by optimising decision-making processes, recognising the value of innovation, dealing with uncertainty, and producing and co-ordinating health technology assessment. The book also considers the capacity of health systems to respond to the particular challenges of fast-developing health-related biotechnologies.

Also available in: French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Innovation and Integration of Health Technologies: A Review of the Issues and Literature
Chapter 3. The Production of Health Technology Assessment: An Analysis of Survey Results
Chapter 4. Decision Making and Implementation: An Analysis of Survey Results
Chapter 5. The Use of Health Technology Assessment in the Health Care System: Lessons from Three OECD Countries
Chapter 6. Health Care Evaluation: Issues in Transferability
Chapter 7. Managing Decision Making under Uncertainty: Perspectives from a Central Administrator
Chapter 8. Policy Decision Making in the Field of Biomedicine
Chapter 9. Conclusions
Annex 1. Participants in the Meetings on Health-Related Technologies
Annex 2. "Seizing the Opportunities and Meeting the Challenges of New and Emerging Health Technologies" Workshop Programme
Annex 3. Summary of Survey Questions