Governance of Public Research

Governance of Public Research

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25 Sep 2003
9789264103764 (PDF) ;9789264103740(print)

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This report deals with public sector research. It provides a comprehensive review of the challenges that call for changes in the governance of OECD countries’ science systems. It highlights emerging policy responses developed in these countries indicating better practices to deal with the challenges, and draws policy lessons that can inspire the reform process. Supporting chapters provide detailed descriptions and analyses of the structures of science systems, the procedures for priority setting, the changes to funding, and the management of human resources in R&D.

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  • Executive Summary

    In the 1990s, science systems in nearly all OECD countries experienced increasing pressures for change. These pressures reflect new challenges that go beyond the important issue of ensuring sustained funding for the research enterprise as a whole and should be addressed within the broader perspective of the governance of science systems, which encompasses wider concerns related to the decision-making processes governing priority setting, the allocation of funds to the public research sector, the management of research institutions and the assessment of their performance in terms of contribution to knowledge creation, economic growth and responses to societal needs...

  • Governing the Science System

    This chapter synthesizes the findings of the study on "Steering and Funding of Research Institutions". It describes the main challenges for the governance of science systems, describes different policy responses to such challenges and draws policy lessons....

  • Structures of Science Systems

    This chapter describes the institutional and decision-making structures for science systems in OECD member countries, their differences and how they influence the way public research is managed and funded....

  • Priority Setting

    This chapter describes priority setting as a strategic process to increase the return on public investments in research. It shows that governments use various institutional mechanisms for this: national science and technology plans, (de)centralised advisory bodies, foresight processes and public consultation. It further describes how priorities are reflected in research funding decisions, and how recent reforms reflect the changing balance between topdown and bottom-up approaches....

  • Public Funding of R&D

    This chapter describes the trends, changes and practices involved in funding public sector research. It includes such questions as the shift from block funding to contract funding, continued support for basic research and the increasing involvement of business in funding public R&D....

  • Management of Human Resources in R&D

    This chapter focuses on three major challenges facing human resources in science and technology: i) feeding the supply "pipeline", ii) adapting graduate education to changing demands from stakeholders and; iii) renewing the public research sector...

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