OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook

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The OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook presents, in a series of country profiles, the main features, strengths and weaknesses of national STI systems and major recent changes in national STI policy. The statistical dimension of the country profiles has drawn on the work and empirical research conducted by the OECD on the measurement of innovation and the development of internationally comparable STI indicators for policy analysis.

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Keywords:  science, research, technology, innovation, development

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The revealed technology advantage (RTA) index provides an indication of the relative specialisation of a given country in selected technological domains and is based on patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. It is defined as a country’s share of patents in a particular technology field divided by the country’s share in all patent fields. The index is equal to zero when the country holds no patent in a given sector; is equal to 1 when the country’s share in the sector equals its share in all fields (no specialisation); and above 1 when a positive specialisation is observed. Only economies with more than 500 patents over the period reviewed are included. Data are drawn from the OECD Patent Database.

Also available in French
Keywords:  research, science, patent, technology, innovation, development
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