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The Science and Technology Database Set comprises two databases: Basic Science and Technology Statistics, covering resources devoted to research and development (R&D) and indicators of the results of science and technology (S&T) activities, such as patents and technology balance of payments; and Main Science and Technology Indicators a timely selection of the most frequently used indicators on the scientific and technological performance of the OECD Member countries: resources devoted to R&D, measures of output and the impact on S&T activities (patents, technology balance of payments, trade in high-technology industries).

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OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook: Comparative performance of national science and innovation systems (Edition 2016) You do not have access to this content

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The performance of a country’s national innovation systems as compared to all OECD countries is represented in Panel 1 of the country profiles of the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2012. A standard set of indicators is used to:

i) describe the competences and capacity of the science base and the business sector to innovate, as well as the framework conditions for entrepreneurship;

ii) provide some insights on interactions between STI actors via the deployment and use of the Internet and their participation in domestic and international co-operation networks; and

iii) depict the status of the human resources pool and prospects for increasing human capital further through inflows of new science and technology talent.

Indicators are normalised (by GDP or population) to take account of the size of the country.

Keywords:  development, science, research, innovation, technology
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