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Published every other year, Uranium Resources, Production, and Demand, or the "Red Book" as it is commonly known, is jointly prepared by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is the recognised world reference on uranium and is based on official information received from 43 countries. It presents the results of a thorough review of world uranium supplies and demand and provides a statistical profile of the world uranium industry in the areas of exploration, resource estimates, production and reactor-related requirements. It provides substantial new information from all major uranium production centres in Africa, Australia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and North America. Long-term projections of nuclear generating capacity and reactor-related uranium requirements are provided as well as a discussion of long-term uranium supply and demand issues. This edition focuses on recent price and production increases that could signal major changes in the industry.

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Uranium 1998

Uranium 1998

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06 Sep 1998
9789264163232 (PDF) ;9789264160507(print)

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This edition of the  "Red Book", jointly prepared by the Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD and the International Atomic Energy Agency, is produced every two years, is based on official information from 59 countries and includes compilations of statistics on resources, exploration, production and demand as of 1 January 1997. It provides substantial new information from all of the major uranium producing centres in Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, North America and the New Independent States, including the first-ever official reports on uranium production in Estonia, Mongolia, the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan. It also contains an international expert analysis of industry statistics and worldwide projections of nuclear energy growth, uranium requirements and uranium supply.
Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Definitions and Terminology
I. Uranium Supply
-A. Uranium Resources
-B. Uranium Exploration
-C. Uranium Production
-D. Radiation Safety and Environmental Aspects
II. Uranium Demand
-A. Current Nuclear Generating Capacity Programmes and Commercial Reactor-Related Requirements
-B. Projected Nuclear Power Growth and Related Uranium Requirements
-C. Uranium Supply and Demand Relationships
-D. The Impact of Recent Developments on the Long-Term Perspective
III. National Reports on Uranium Exploration, Resources, and Production (reports from 59 countries)

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