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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of nuclear development. The publications in this series provide authoritative, reliable information on nuclear technologies, economics, strategies and resources to governments for use in policy analyses and decision making.

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The Security of Energy Supply and the Contribution of Nuclear Energy

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13 Dec 2010
9789264096356 (PDF) ;9789264096349(print)

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What contribution can nuclear energy make to improve the security of energy supply? This study, which examines a selection of OECD member countries, qualitatively and quantitatively validates the often intuitive assumption that, as a largely domestic source of electricity with stable costs and no greenhouse gas emissions during production, nuclear energy can make a positive contribution. Following an analysis of the meaning and context of security of supply, the study uses transparent and policy-relevant indicators to show that, together with improvements in energy efficiency, nuclear energy has indeed contributed significantly to enhanced energy supply security in OECD countries over the past 40 years.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. The Security of Energy Supply and the Contribution of Nuclear Energy - Concepts and Issues
-Energy supply security: An introduction
-Why security of energy supply remains a policy issue in OECD countries
-The external dimension: import dependence, resource exhaustion and carbon policy
-The internal dimension: economic, financial and technical considerations for energy supply security
-Orientations for government policies to enhance the security of energy supply
2. Indicators and Models for Measuring Security of Energy Supply Risks
-Different approaches towards designing the Supply/Demand Index
-A detailed review of selected seucrity of supply indicators
-Comprehensive models for assessing the seucirty of energy supply
-The Supply/Demand Index
-Concluding observations
3. Evolution of the Security of Energy Supply in OECD Countries
-Time-dependent quantification of the security of energy supply
-Changes in security of supply in selected OECD countries
-Electricity generation and the security of energy supply
-The contribution of nuclear energy and energy intensity to the security of energy supply
-The geographical distribution of SSDI values
4. Public Attitudes towards Nuclear Energy and Security of Energy Supply
-Public interest in energy supply and related issues in the European Union
-What kind of indicators do consumers use to evaluate their security of energy supply?
-Awareness of the importance of security of supply and public support for nuclear energy
-List of experts
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