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1990-0325 (online)
1990-0333 (print)
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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radioactive waste management. The publications in this series of analytical reports and conference proceedings focus on the development of strategies for a safe, broadly acceptable management of sustainable and all types of radioactive waste and materials.

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The Long-term Radiological Safety of a Surface Disposal Facility for Low-level Waste in Belgium

The Long-term Radiological Safety of a Surface Disposal Facility for Low-level Waste in Belgium

An International Peer Review of Key Aspects of ONDRAF/NIRAS' Safety Report of November 2011 in Preparation for the License Application You do not have access to this content

Nuclear Energy Agency

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18 Dec 2012
9789264991965 (PDF)

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An important activity of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in the field of radioactive waste management is the organisation of independent, international peer reviews of national studies and projects. This report provides an international peer review of the long-term safety strategy and assessment being developed by the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials, ONDRAF/NIRAS, as part of the licence application for the construction and operation of a surface disposal facility for short-lived, low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste in the municipality of Dessel, Belgium. The review was carried out by an International Review Team comprised of seven international specialists, all of whom were free of conflict of interest and chosen to bring complementary expertise to the review. To be accessible to both specialist and non-specialist readers, the review findings are provided at several levels of detail.

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Table of Contents

List of acronyms 11
1. Introduction 13
-1.1 Background to the Belgian category A waste disposal programme 13
-1.2 Licensing process 13
-1.3 The role of partnership and the cAt Project 15
-1.4 The disposal facility concept 17
-1.5 The structure of the safety case 17
-1.6 Remit of the international review 19
-1.7 Organisation and conduct of the review 20
-1.8 Organisation of this document  21
2. Findings vis-à-vis the remit of the review 23
-2.1 Introduction 23
-2.2 Overall statement to the Belgian Federal Public Service of Economy and Energy 24
-2.3 Summary of review findings 25
3. Detailed review findings 35
-3.1 Introduction 35
-3.2 Safety approach and strategy 36
-3.3 Proposed disposal system design 50
-3.4 Scientific and technical basis for the safety assessment 63
-3.5 Long-term safety assessment methodology and results 72
Annex 1. Documents reviewed and examined 85
Annex 2. Members of the International Review Team and Observers 93

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