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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radioactive waste management. The publications in this series of analytical reports and conference proceedings focus on the development of strategies for a safe, broadly acceptable management of sustainable and all types of radioactive waste and materials.

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The Handling of Timescales in Assessing Post-closure Safety of Deep Geological Repositories

The Handling of Timescales in Assessing Post-closure Safety of Deep Geological Repositories

Workshop Proceedings, Paris, France, 16-18 April 2002 You do not have access to this content

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14 Nov 2002
9789264099128 (PDF) ;9789264099111(print)

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This book presents the proceedings of a workshop entitled the "Handling of Timescales in Assessing Post-Closure Safety" of deep geological repositories for radioactive waste organised in Paris on 16-18 April 2002 and hosted by the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN). The main objective of the workshop was to identify and discuss approaches related to, and work done on, the timescales issue within national radioactive waste management programmes in the context of assessing post-closure safety. The timescales in question depend upon the half-lives and levels of activity of the radionuclides considered for disposal. These proceedings include the presentations made at the workshop as well as a summary of the discussions held.
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Table of Contents

Part A. Synthesis of the Workshop
Part B. Working Group Contributions
-A. The Different Timescales versus the Regulatory Framework and Public Acceptance
-B. Barrier and System Performances within a Safety Case: Their Functioning and Evolution with Time
-C. The Role and Limitations of Modeling in Assessing Post-Closure Safety at Different Times
-D. The Relative Value of Safety and Performance Indicators and Qualitative Arguments in Different Time Frames
Part C. Compilation of Workshop Papers
-Some Questions on the Use of Long Timescales for Radioactive Waste Disposal Safety Assessments by R. A. Yearsley and T. J. Summerling
-An Approach to Handling Timescales in Post-Closure Safety Assessments by L. Bailey and A. Littleboy
-Consideration of Timescales in the Finnish Safety Regulations for Spent Fuel Disposal by E. Ruokola
-Handling of Timescales in Safety Assessments of Geological Disposal: An IRSN-GRS Standpoint on the Possible Role of Regulatory Guidance by K.-J. Rohlig and D. Gay
-Handling of Timescales in Safety Assessments: The Swiss Perspective by J. W. Schneider, P. Zuidema, and P. A. Smith
-Handling of Timescales: Application of Safety Indicators by H. Umeki and P. A. Smith
-Handling of Timescales and Related Safety Indicators by L. Griffault and E. Fillion
-Timescales in the Long-Term Safety Assessment of the Morsleben Repository, Germany by M. Ranft, J. Wollrath
-Long Timescales, Low Risks: Rational Containment Objectives that Account for Ethics, Resources, Feasiblity, and Public Expectations - Some Thoughts to Provoke Discussion by N. A. Chapman
-1,000 Years of Safety Timescales and Radiation Protection Regulations by M. Jenson
-Treatment of Barrier Evolution: The SKB Perspective by A. Hedin
-Phenomenology Dependent Timescales by G. Ouzounian
-Long-Scale Astronomical Variations in our Solar System: Consequences for Future Ice Ages by S. Edwardson and K. G. Karlsson
-The Spin Project: Safety and Performance Indicators in Different Time Frames by R. Storck and D. A. Becker
-IAEA Activities Related to Safety Indicators, Time Frames, and Reference Scenarios by B.Batandjieva, K. Hioki, and P. Metcalf
Part D. Agenda
Part E. List of Participants

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