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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radiation protection. In some cases they are conference proceedings and in other analytical reports. They provide information on the regulation and implementation of the system of radiological protection.

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The Future Policy for Radiological Protection

The Future Policy for Radiological Protection

Workshop Proceedings, Lanzarote, Spain, 2-4 April 2003 You do not have access to this content

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02 Dec 2003
9789264105713 (PDF) ;9789264105706(print)

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The international system of radiological protection is currently being revised with the aim of making it more coherent and concise. These proceedings present a significant block of stakeholder input, comprising the views of policy makers, regulators, radiological protection professionals, industry and representatives of both non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations.

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Table of Contents

Welcome Address and Expectations of the NEA by L. Echavarri
What Does ICRP Expect from this Forum by R. H.Clarke
Section 1. The New ICRP General Recommendations
-The Evolution of the System of Radiological Protection: The Justification for New ICRP Recommendations by R. H. Clarke
-Optimisation: How To Develop Stakeholder Involvement by W. Weiss
-Dose to Individuals: Who and How by J.E. Till
-Exclusion and Authorisation by J. R. Cooper
-Selection of New Constraints by A. Sugier
Section 2. The Protection of Non-Human Species from Ionising Radiation - Where Are We Heading?
-ICRP's View on Protection of Non-Human Species from Ionising Radiation by L.-E. Holm
-A Perspective on the ICRP Approach to Radiation Protection of the Environment by K. L. Mossman
-Implications of New Policies on Protection of the Environment for the IAEA Safety Standards by G. Linsley
-Prospects for the Development of an Environmental Action Program unde the Euratom Treaty by A. Janssens
Section 3. Stakeholder Views on the Implications of the New ICRP Recommendations
-The Evolving System of Radiological Protection: The Nuclear Industry Perspective by R. Coates
-Views from the International Labour Office by D. Owen
-Stakeholders' Views ont he Implications of the New ICRP Recommendations: An Environmental Perspective by S. Carroll
-Key Implications of the New ICRP Recommendations: Contribution of the CRPPH Expert Group on the Implications of ICRP Recommendations
Synthesis of the Forum
-Implications on ICRP Developments by R. H. Clarke
-Summary Comments by C. R. Jones
-Concluding Remarks by J. A. Azuara
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