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Nuclear Energy Agency

1990-0791 (online)
1990-0805 (print)
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This series of books from the Nuclear Energy Agency examines various aspects of effective and efficient nuclear regulation. It includes conference proceedings and analytical reports.
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The Characteristics of an Effective Nuclear Regulator

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Nuclear Energy Agency

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16 July 2014
9789264218741 (PDF)

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This regulatory guidance booklet describes the characteristics of an effective nuclear safety regulator in terms of roles and responsibilities, principles and attributes. Each of the characteristics discussed in this report is a necessary feature of an effective nuclear safety regulator but no one characteristic is sufficient on its own. It is the combination of these characteristics that leads to the effectiveness of a nuclear regulatory body. The report provides a unique resource to countries with existing, mature regulators and can be used for benchmarking as well as training and developing staff. It will also be useful for new entrant countries in the process of developing and maintaining an effective nuclear safety regulator.

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Table of Contents

1. Executive summary
2. Nuclear regulatory roles and responsibilities
-Purpose of the regulator 9 
-Regulatory framework and mandate 9 
-Regulatory activities and functions 10 
-Implementation strategy 10 
3. Principles for an effective nuclear regulator 13 
-Safety focus and safety culture 13 
-Independence 14 
-Competence 15 
-Openness and transparency 15 
4. Attributes of an effective nuclear regulator 17 
-Clear and consistent regulation 17 
-Consistent and balanced decision making 17 
-Accountability 18 
-Strong organisational capability 18 
-Continuous improvement, peer review and international involvement 19 
-Efficiency 20 
-Credibility, trust and respect 20 
5. Conclusions and recommendations 21 
6. References 23 
Appendix 1. Summary description of regulatory approaches and strategies 25 
Appendix 2. Complete list of the CNRA series of regulatory guidance reports (green booklets) 29

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