Technology and Components of Accelerator-driven Systems

Technology and Components of Accelerator-driven Systems

Workshop Proceedings, Karlsruhe, Germany, 15-17 March 2010 You do not have access to this content

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27 June 2011
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The accelerator-driven system (ADS) is a potential transmutation system option as part of partitioning and transmutation strategies for radioactive waste in advanced nuclear fuel cycles. These proceedings contain all the technical papers presented at the workshop on Technology and Components of Accelerator-driven Systems held on 15-17 March 2010 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The workshop provided experts with a forum to present and discuss state-of-the-art developments in the field of ADS and neutron sources. It included a special session on the EUROTRANS as well as four technical sessions covering current ADS experiments and test facilities, accelerators, neutron sources and subcritical systems.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Opening and National ADS Programmes Chair: C. Fazio
-KIT welcome address by J.U. Knebel
-NEA Nuclear Science Committee Welcome Address by Th.W. Tromm
-The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: A Unique Institution in German Research by P. Fritz
-Outline of check and review on partitioning and transmutation by Atomic Energy Commission of Japan and recommendation for R&D on ADS by K. Tsujimoto and H. Oigawa
-The MYRRHA ADS programme in Belgium: A multi-national demonstration programme for incineration of spent nuclear fuel wastes by H. Aït Abderrahim, P. Baeten, D. De Bruyn and
-The EUROTRANS Project: Partitioning and transmutation research in Europe* by J.U. Knebel
Special Session: EUROTRANS Chair: A.C. Müller
-Achievements and lessons learnt within the Domain 1 "DESIGN" of the Integrated Project EUROTRANS by D. De Bruyn, H. Aït Abderrahim, G. Rimpault, L. Mansani, M. Reale, A.C. Müller, A. Guertin, J-L. Biarrotte, J. Wallenius, C. Angulo, A. Orden, A. Rolfe, D. Struwe, M. Schikorr, A. Woaye-Hune, C. Artioli
-EUROTRANS/ECATS or neutronic experiments for the validation of XT-ADS and EFIT monitoring by G. Granget, H. Aït Abderrahim, P. Baeten, C. Berglöf, A. Billebaud, E. González-Romero, F. Mellier, R. Rosa, M. Schikorr
-Minor actinide transmutation in the accelerator-driven system EFIT: Results from fuel developments in Domain AFTRA by  F. Delage, R. Belin, X-N. Chen, E. D’Agata, F. Klaassen, W. Maschek, J-P. Ottaviani, S. Pillon, A. Rineiski, V. Sobolev, J. Somers, D. Staicu, R. Thetford, J. Wallenius, B. Wernli
-Development and assessment of structural materials and heavy liquid metal technologies for transmutation systems (DEMETRA): Highlights on major results by C. Fazio, J. Van den Bosch, F. Javier Martin Muñoz, J. Henry, F. Roelofs, P. Turroni, L. Mansani, A. Weisenburger, D. Gorse, J. Abella, L. Brissonneau, Y. Dai, L. Magielsen, J. Neuhausen, P. Vladimirov, A. Class, H. Jeanmart, A. Ciampichetti, G. Gerbeth, T. Wetzel, A. Karbojian, K. Litfin, M. Tarantino, L. Zanini
-NUDATRA/EUROTRANS nuclear data for nuclear waste transmutation* by E. González-Romero, A. Koning, S. Leray, A. Plompen, J. Sanz (on behalf of NUDATRA/IP-EUROTRANS)
Special Lecture
Subcritical thorium reactors* by C. Rubbia
Session I: Current ADS Experiments and Test Facilities  Chairs: Th. Wetzel, S. Monti
-Experiments on injection of spallation neutrons by 100 MeV protons in the Kyoto University Critical Assembly by C-H. Pyeon, J-Y. Lim, T. Misawa, S. Shiroya
-Experimental validation of the industrial ADS reactivity monitoring using the YALINA-Booster subcritical assembly by M. Fernández-Ordóñez, V. Bécares, C. Berglöf, D. Villamarín, M. Becker, V. Bournos, Y. Fokov, P. Gajda, V. Glivici, E.M. González-Romero, J. Janczyszyn, S. Mazanik, B. Merk, J.L. Muñoz-Cobo, W. Pohorecki
-Integral Circulation Experiment: Thermal-hydraulic simulator of the ETD primary system by M. Tarantino, G. Benamati, P. Gaggini, V. Labanti
-The GUINEVERE experiments at the VENUS facility: Status and perspectives by L. Mercatali, P. Baeten, A. Kochetkov, W. Uyttenhove, G. Vittiglio
-Experimental investigation of turbulent flow distribution in a hexagonal rod bundle for ADS prototype application by Th. Wetzel, K. Litfin, R. Stieglitz, A.G. Class, M. Daubner, F. Fellmoser, A. Batta
-A review of lead-bismuth alloy purification systems with regard to the latest results achieved on STELLA loop by F. Beauchamp, O. Morier, L. Brissonneau, J-L. Courouau, C. Chabert, F. Reyne
-Reliability in liquid lead-bismuth of the 316L and T91 steels: Coupling effects between corrosion and fatigue by J-B. Vogt, I. Proriol-Serre, L. Martinelli, K. Ginestar
Compatibility of different steels and alloys with lead up to 750°C* by A. Weisenburger, M. del Giacco, A. Jianu, G. Müller
Session II: Accelerators Chair: H. Klein
Accelerator reference design for the European ADS demonstrator by J-L. Biarrotte, A.C. Müller (on behalf of the EUROTRANS WP1.3 collaboration)
-The 17 MeV injector for the EUROTRANS proton driver by H. Podlech, M. Busch, F. Dziuba, U. Ratzinger, H. Klein, R. Tiede, C. Zhang
-Developments of 350 MHz and 700 MHz prototypical cryomodules for the EUROTRANS ADS proton linear accelerator by F. Bouly, S. Bousson, J-L. Biarrotte, P. Blache, F. Chatelet, C. Commeaux, P. Duthil, C. Joly, J. Lesrel, G. Olry, E. Rampnoux, H. Saugnac, S. Barbanotti, A. Bosotti, R. Paparella, P. Pierini
-Estimation of acceptable beam trip frequencies of accelerators for ADS and comparison with performances of existing accelerators by H. Takei, K. Nishihara, K. Tsujimoto, H. Oigawa
-High-power operational experience at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) by S-H. Kim, J. Galambos
-Experience with the production of a 1.3 MW proton beam in a cyclotron-based facility by M. Seidel, J. Grillenberger, A. Mezger
Session III: Neutron Sources Chair: M. Seidel
MEGAPIE spallation target: Irradiation of the first prototypical spallation target for future ADS  by Ch. Latgé, M. Wolmuther, P. Agostini, M. Dierckx, C. Fazio, A. Guertin, Y. Kurata, G. Laffont, T. Song, K. Thomsen, W. Wagner, F. Groeschel, L. Zanini, Y. Dai, J. Henri, J. Konys, K. Woloshun
-PSI experience with high-power target design and operation by W. Wagner, H. Heyck, D. Kiselev, K. Thomsen, M. Wohlmuther, L. Zanini 
-EURISOL compact liquid metal converter target: Representative prototype design and tests by R.Ž. Milenkovi c′ , K. Samec, S. Dementjevs, A. Kalt, C. Kharoua, E. Platacis, A. Zik, A. Flerov, L. Blumenfeld, F. Barbagallo, K. Thomsen, E. Manfrin, Y. Kadi
-The Frankfurt Neutron Source – FRANZ by  O. Meusel, L.P. Chau, M. Heilmann, H. Klein, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger, K. Volk, C. Wiesner
Session IV: Subcritical Systems Chairs: K. Tsujimoto, E.M. González-Romero, J.U. Knebel
ADS-related activities at IAEA: From accelerators, neutron sources to fuel cycle and databases by F. Mulhauser, P. Adelfang, R.M. Capote Noy, V. Inozemtsev, G. Mank, D. Ridikas, A. Stanculescu, A. Zeman
-The designs of an experimental ADS facility (XT-ADS) and of a European Industrial Transmutation Demonstrator (EFIT) by L. Mansani, M. Reale, C. Artioli, D. De Bruyn
-XT-ADS windowless spallation target design and corresponding R&D topics by A. Guertin, N. Thiollière, A. Cadiou, J.M. Buhour, O. Batrak, M. Dierckx, J. Heyse, K. Rosseel, P. Schuurmans, K. Van Tichelen, R. Stieglitz, A. Batta, A. Class, F. Roelofs, V.R. Gopala, H. Jeanmart, V. Moreau
-Investigation of safety for accelerator-driven system by T. Sugawara, K. Nishihara, K. Tsujimoto, Y. Kurata, H. Oigawa
-Optimisation of the EFIT fuel design by V. Sobolev, W. Uyttenhove, W. Maschek, A. Rineiski, X-N. Chen, J. Wallenius, A. Fokau, F. Delage
-Design and safety studies of an EFIT core with cermet fuel by X-N. Chen, W. Maschek, P. Liu, A. Rineiski, S. Wang, C. Matzerath Boccaccini, V. Sobolev, G. Rimpault
-Fuel rod performance analysis for the Italian LBE-XADS: A comparison of two different cladding materials by F. Agosti, P. Botazzoli, V. Di Marcello, L. Luzzi, G. Pastore
-Isotope equilibrium in fast thorium reactors by D.J. Coates, G.T. Parks
-Subcritical minor actinide reduction through transmutation – SMART by R.L. Sheffield, E.J. Pitcher
-A source-efficient ADS for minor actinide burning by A. Fokau, Y. Zhang, J. Wallenius, S. Ishida
Annex 1: Scientific Advisory Committee
Annex 2: List of participants

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